Table 2

Reproducibility for normal and glaucoma subjects (individual point analysis)

Mean COV (%) I-Q Range Mean COV (%) I-Q Range
First 3 images12.259.90–14.4316.5812.29–20.51
First 4 images12.7611.58–13.2316.4914.97–19.11
First 5 images12.8811.84–13.5817.1414.16–19.70
All 6 images12.8511.81–13.6317.9014.03–19.52
Rpt 3 images11.5510.70–12.54NANA
  • I-Q range = 25th quartile to 75th quartile mean COVs (expressed in percentages) for the appropriate group. Rpt = repeat series of 3 images taken 3 months later. NA = not applicable.