Table 1

Comparison of first and second measurement of topographic variables

Variable16 patients16 patientsPaired test Absolute change
First SDSecond SD
Average diameter1.7410.1171.7410.1171.0000.00
Total area2.3530.3262.3530.3261.0000.00
Height variation0.3530.0860.3400.1020.4950.05
Mean contour height−0.0390.149−0.0410.1440.8510.02
Effective area0.9310.4160.9360.3650.8960.07
Neuroretinal rim area1.4220.5431.4180.4910.8360.07
Volume below−0.2730.222−0.2750.2260.7440.04
Volume above0.2000.1080.1940.0970.4650.02
Half depth area0.3020.1990.3110.2250.1180.06
Half depth volume−0.0460.057−0.0530.0580.3990.02
Maximum cup depth−0.6750.328−0.6700.2980.8540.08
Average cup depth−0.2440.141−0.2490.1490.6900.03
Cup to disc ratio0.4040.2050.4040.1780.4870.03
  • Mean values for first and second measurements are given in units of mm, mm2, mm3 or unitless, as appropriate.

  • Paired test (p value) compares first and second measurement on the same patient.

  • Average of the absolute value of the change from the first to second measurement on the same patient.