Table 2

Values of reproducibility criteria for topographic variables

VariablePaired test % Absolute change Pearson correlationRegression slopeRegression interceptSatisfies all criteria
Height variation0.4957.220.7330.8620.034
Mean contour height0.85125.000.9620.933−0.008
Effective area0.8963.750.9510.8350.160
Neuroretinal rim area0.8362.460.9720.8790.169
Volume below0.7447.300.9530.9680.010yes
Volume above0.4655.080.9650.8640.022
Half depth area0.1189.790.9041.0220.003yes
Half depth volume0.39920.200.8460.865−0.013
Maximum cup depth0.8545.950.9370.849−0.090
Average cup depth0.6906.090.9601.0160.000yes
Cup to disc ratio0.4873.710.9560.8310.081
  • Paired test (p value) compares first and second measurement on the same patient.

  • Average of absolute change as a percentage from the first to second measurement on the same patient.