Table 2

Surgical technique and postoperative treatments

TechniquePolishingConjunctival flapPostoperative treatment
 BSYesNoTopical antibiotics/steroids 4–8 weeks
 BS+MCYesNoTopical antibiotics/steroids 4–8 weeks
Topical mitomycin C 0.02% twice daily 5 days
 CGYesAutograft Topical antibiotics/steroids 4–8 weeks
 BSYesNoTopical antibiotics/steroids 3–4 weeks
 CGYesAutograft Topical antibiotics/steroids 3–4 weeks
 BSNo mentionNoTopical antibiotics/steroids 3 weeks
 BS+MCNo mentionNoTopical antibiotics/steroids 3 weeks
Topical mitomycin C 0.1% or 0.04% four times daily 2 weeks
 BSNoNoNo mention
 BS+MC NoNoNo mention
 BSNoNoTopical antibiotics/steroids 3 months
 BS+MC NoNoTopical antibiotics/steroids 3 months
  • BS=bare sclera resection; BS+MC=bare sclera and postoperative mitomycin C application; BS+MC=bare sclera and intraoperative mitomycin C application. Studies with references 23 and 24 referred to the use of 5 minute intraoperative mitomycin C application at concentrations of 0.01% and 0.02% respectively.

  • Conjunctival autograft taken from the superior bulbar conjunctiva of the operated eye.