Table 1

Peroperative and early (2–4 weeks) postoperative findings. In most cases partial retraction of the conjunctival flap from the inferior limbus allowed a view of the anterior chamber (AC)

RabbitPeroperative findingsEarly postoperative findings
D1Needle track stretch holesQuiet eye, no view of AC
D2Severe stretch holes, flat ACQuiet eye, deep AC
D3Minor needle track stretchQuiet eye, deep AC
D4Minor needle track stretchQuiet eye, no view of AC
D5Severe stretching, flat ACSkirt torn, wound dehisced at 13 days
D6UncomplicatedQuiet eye, deep AC
D7Severe stretching, flat ACQuiet eye, deep AC
D8UncomplicatedQuiet eye, deep AC
D9UncomplicatedShallow AC, elevated IOP
D10Needle track tear, formed ACShallow AC, elevated IOP
M1Lensectomy requiredQuiet eye, elevated IOP, no view of AC
M2UncomplicatedQuiet eye, deep AC
M3UncomplicatedQuiet eye, deep AC
M4UncomplicatedQuiet eye, deep AC
M5UncomplicatedGranulation around conjunctival suture
M6UncomplicatedQuiet eye, deep AC
M7Minor sponge tearsQuiet eye, deep AC
M8Suture track tears in spongeKilled at 13 days
M9Severe stretch holes, flat ACQuiet eye, deep AC
M10Suture track stretchesQuiet eye, deep AC