Table 1

Electrophysiological staging using the results of multifocal ERG and photopic Ganzfeld ERG

ClassesDescriptionNo of eyes
I Subnormal multifocal ERGs only in groups 1 and 2 (0°–7°)7
II Subnormal multifocal ERGs in groups 1-3 (0°–12°)56
IIISubnormal ERGs in the entire test field (0°–30°), but normal Ganzfeld ERG10
IVSubnormal ERGs in the entire test field (0°–30°) plus pathological Ganzfeld ERG14
VAtypical forms2
No defect detectable using the multifocal ERG4
  • Ninety three eyes of 47 patients were analysed. (Eight eyes of four patients with subnormal results in the entire test field in multifocal ERG have not been assessed by photopic Ganzfeld ERG. These patients were omitted in the analysis.)