Table 1

Tear proteins implicated in defence and their corresponding genes: tear lipocalin has recently been demonstrated to be expressed4 in the secretory cells of the tracheal epithelium. However, no data are at present available on its presence in the bronchial mucus

ProteinProtein distribution Corresponding gene Chromosomal localisation
TearsSalivaNasal mucusBronchial mucus
Lysozyme14 +++++++++++++LYZ2 12
Lactoferrin +++++++++++++LACT3 3
Tear lipocalin (VEGP)+++++?+/−4 LCN15 6 9q 34.3
Secretory IgA14 +++++++++++
Immunoglobulin A IGHA7 14q32.33
Secretory component SC or PIGR8 1q31-q42
J chain IGJ9 4q21
Cystatin S14 +++++CST310 11 20p11.2
Mucin+++++++++++++MUC 112 1q21-24
MUC5AC13 11p15