Table 1

Ophthalmological details of affected individuals

CasesCorrected visual acuityPalpabral aperture (mm)Levator function (mm)Aberrant movementsChin elevation
Family 1
case 1.1R: 6/1260Convergence on upgaze, adduction of the left eye.yes
L: 6/1260
Family 2
case 2.1R: 6/681Convergence on up and down gazeyes
L: 6/681
case 2.2R: 6/6043Bilateral nystagmoid movements on upgazeyes
L: 6/644
case 2.3R: HM30Bilateral convergence on upgazeyes
L: 6/1840
Family 3
case 3.1R: 6/1851Bilateral convergence on upgazeyes
L: 6/1230
case 3.2R: 6/1844Bilateral convergence on up and downgaze, depression of left eye on left gazeyes
L: 6/1842
Family 4
case 4.1R: 6/12611Nystagmoid movements in any attempted direction of gazeyes
L: 6/12611
case 4.2R: 6/1250Abduction of right eye on left gazeyes
L: 6/6050
case 4.3R: 6/950Noneyes
L: 6/640
case 4.4R: 6/651Synergistic divergence on attempted lateral gazeno
L: 6/951