Table 1

Patient characteristics (n = 231, second grafts excluded)

Preoperative diagnosis:
 Fuchs’ dystrophy and ICE syndrome 10(4.3%)
 Bullous keratopathy106(45.9%)
 Other corneal dystrophies9(3.9%)
 Corneal scar, corneal ulcer, interstitial keratitis 20(8.7%)
Preoperative lens status:
 Phakic 115(49.8%)
 Posterior chamber IOL21(9.1%)
 Anterior chamber IOL71(30.7%)
 Aphakic 24(10.4%)
Preoperative intraocular pressure:
 < 20 mm Hg and no history of glaucoma 192(83.1%)
 > 20 mm Hg and/or history of glaucoma39(16.9%)
Recipient rejection status:
 Low risk181(78.3%)
 High risk50(21.7%)