Table 4

Estimated 1 year graft survival. Recipient and surgical variables

Recipient and surgical variable:NoUnivariate level (Kaplan–Meier method)p ValueMultivariate level
Recipient age (years):
 < 202088.9%
 > 812978.9%0.010 0.05
Recipient rejection status:
 low risk18190.2%
 high risk5060.9%< 0.00010.01
Preoperative diagnosis:
 Fuchs’ dystrophy and ICE syndrome10100.0%
 Other dystrophies987.5%
 Bullous keratopathy10680.5%
 Corneal scar/ulcer, interstitial keratitis2063.2%
 Regraft1258.3%< 0.00010.005
Recipient trephination size (mm):
 8.00–8.2521385.8%0.0020.10 (NS)
Preop IOP:
 No glaucoma and IOP < 20 mm Hg19285.8%
 Glaucoma or IOP > 20 mm Hg3976.3%0.0500.38 (NS)
Postop lens status:
 Ant chamber   IOL8479.2%
 Post chamber IOL4675.0%
 Phake8993.2%0.0030.84 (NS)
Combined procedures:
 No vitrectomy18586.1%0.0080.19 (NS)
 Lens removal2664.0%
 No lens removal20586.7%0.0050.11 (NS)
 PC IOL insertion2864.3%
 No PC IOL insertion20387.1%0.0060.63 (NS)
  • log rank test for trend.