Table 5

Relation between donor, surgical, and recipient variables, and endothelial cell density, and endothelial cell loss during the second year following transplantation

Correlation with postoperative endothelial cell densityCorrelation with postoperative percentage endothelial cell loss
Spearman’s coefficient (univariate level) Multiple linear regression Spearman’s coefficient (univariate level) Multiple linear regression
rs P P rs P P
Donor variable:
 Preservation time−0.30<0.0010.014+0.31<0.0010.011
 Endothelial density after preservation+0.30<0.0010.002−0.050.59 (NS)0.030
 COV after preservation−0.280.0040.017+0.270.0050.018
 Deswelling time after preservation+0.200.0220.008−0.190.031
Recipient and surgical variable:
 Recipient age−0.30<0.0010.49 (NS)+0.250.0030.60 (NS)
 Preop diagnosis−0.30<0.0010.012+0.30<0.0010.009
 Preoperative IOP−0.290.0010.96 (NS)+0.270.0020.82 (NS)
 Postop lens status+0.41<0.0010.12 (NS)−0.39<0.0010.16 (NS)
Combined procedures:
 Vitrectomy−0.250.0030.89 (NS)+0.220.0110.81 (NS)
 IOL removal−0.31<0.0010.15 (NS)+0.280.0010.26 (NS)
 AC IOL insertion−0.280.0010.54 (NS)+0.280.0010.85 (NS)
  Trabeculectomy−0.270.0010.57 (NS)+0.270.0010.41 (NS)