Table 2

Recorded operative and postoperative events in the day case and inpatient groups

Recorded adverse eventsGroup A: day case
(209 operations)
Group B: inpatient
(228 operations)
Operative difficulties:(32/209 operations)(25/228 operations)
 Creation of mucosal flaps1414
 Troublesome haemorrhage159
 Skin tear from traction21
 False canalicular passage11
Postoperative events:(51/209 cases)(56/228 cases)
 Cellulitis12 3
 Intermittent epistaxis69
 Nasal ooze (day 1-4)41
 Silicone tube problems512
 Noticeable skin scar1514
 Significant bruising36
 Miscellaneous details611
  • p = 0.01 (Fisher’s exact test).