Table 1

Clinical and laboratory findings

Patient NoOcclusion typeAge (years)/sexET-1 levels (pg/ml) Systemic hypertension (+/−)Ocular hypertension (+/−)
Group A, RVO patients (n = 18): 14.22 (4.6)
Group A1: NIT RVO (n = 11)12.46 (4.3)
Group A2: IT RVO (n = 7)16.97 (3.5)
 15CRVO 54/F18.3++
 16CRVO 58/M16.2+
 17CRVO 68/M24.2++
Group B, Normal subjects (n=20) 7.90 (1.6)
Group C, Uncomplicated hypertensives (n=15)8.50 (2.9)
  • NIT RVO = non-ischaemic type retinal vein occlusions; IT RVO = ischaemic type retinal vein occlusions; BRVO = branch retinal vein occlusions; CRVO = central retinal vein occlusions.

  • Mean (SD).

  • p Value <0.05 for group A and A1 v groups B and C, respectively, and for group A2 v group A1.

  • p Value <0.01 for group A2 v groups B and C, respectively.

  • Patients with neovascular glaucoma at the time of diagnosis and blood sampling.

  • Bilateral anterior chamber angle narrowing upon examination.

  • History of borderline intraocular pressure (range 18–20 mm Hg).