Table 4

Communality for the three factors identified in rotated factor analysis with the items included in the subscales. These items are the most strongly related items for each factor

Factor 1: MobilityFactor 2: Distance/lighting/readingFactor 3: Near and related tasks
Walking inside0.79Reading0.72Reading0.42
Walking outside0.85Seeing in the distance0.80Seeing in poor light0.40
Using steps0.75Recognising faces0.77Appreciating colours0.74
Crossing the road0.90Watching TV0.71Employment/housework0.82
Using public transport0.91Seeing in bright light/glare0.79Hobbies0.61
Travelling independently0.85Seeing in poor/dim light0.75
Moving in unfamiliar surroundings0.87Driving during the day0.73
Driving at night0.79