Table 1

Characteristics of 20 AIDS patients with a histopathologically confirmed first episode of extraocular CMV disease, but not yet suffering from retinitis

Patient noCMV extraocularCD4+Induction therapyMaintenanceInterval E-Oc/RetSurvival
101-06-91Upper GI20GCV(2)/Fosc(1)/GCV+Fosc(2)GCV168
201-03-90Poly rad10GCV(1)/GCV + Fosc(2)GCV112
310-07-91Upper GI40GCV(4)GCV4
407-04-89Upper GI10GCV(2)/Fosc(2)Fosc23
501-05-89Lower GI10GCV(3)32
715-03-95Upper GI10GCV(2)44
801-06-92Upper GI10GCV(4)51
915-09-92Upper GI10GCV(2)22
1009-10-92Upper GI10GCV(2)/Fosc(2)66
1101-06-90Upper GI40GCV(2)67
1220-01-94Lower GI40GCV(3)93
1301-04-93Lower GI10GCV(5)84
1408-05-95Lower GI20Fosc(3)72
1509-12-93Lower GI10GCV(2)115
1620-08-92Lower GI10GCV(3)/Fosc(1)912
1701-08-92Lower GI20GCV(3)28
1801-02-91Lower GI20GCV(2)61
2020-09-90Upper GI80GCV(2)11
  • Date=date of diagnosis of extraocular CMV disease. Localisation: upper GI=upper gastrointestinal tract; lower GI=lower gastrointestinal tract; Lungs=CMV pneumonitis; Poly rad=CMV polyradiculopathy; CD4+=CD4 positive lymphocyte count, cells ×106/l. Induction therapy: GCV=ganciclovir 5 mg/kg/twice daily; Fosc=foscavir 90 mg/kg/twice daily; GCV+ Fosc=combination of both therapies. (n) = number of weeks treated. Maintenance: GCV=ganciclovir 5 mg/kg/day; Fosc=foscavir 90 mg/kg/day. Interval E-Oc/Ret=time between extraocular CMV disease and CMV retinitis in months; (—) = no CMV retinitis occurred. Survival=survival time after diagnosis of CMV retinitis in months.