Table 4

Characteristics in relation to the stages of AMD

Drusen (n=496)Pigment epithelium alteration (n=333)Geographic atrophy (n=343)Exudative maculopathy (n=672)
Age (years)
Sex (% women)73.266.472.066.2
Drusen (%):99.677.272.654.6
 Small hard69.048.342.627.5
 Large hard88.964.063.047.2
 Soft and confluent31.510.510.25.5
 Pigment epithelium detachment 2.815.5
Pigmentation alterations:
 Hypopigmentation (%)27.294.313.411.9
  Involving the foveola5.435.43.84.0
  Macular, not involving the foveola16.582.68.79.1
 Hyperpigmentation (%)36.183.865.631.5
  Involving the foveola12.133.923.010.6
  Macular, not involving the foveola22.872.145.521.6
Atrophy (%):98.5
 Involving the foveola67.6
 Macular, not involving the foveola91.5
CNV (%):98.2
 Involving the foveola30.1
 Macular, not involving the foveola72.0