Table 6

Significant risk factors according to the various clinical groups

Multivariate analysis
Drusen OR Pigment epithelium alterations OR Geographic atrophy OR Exudative maculopathy OR
Cardiovascular disease:
 Systemic hypertension1.73 (1.25–2.40)
 Coronary artery diseaseNS3.19 (1.81–5.64)1.49 (1.03–2.15)
 Hypertension or coronary artery disease
Spherical equivalent (emmetropia):
 Myopia0.94 (0.58–1.50)NSNS0.92 (0.63–1.35)
 Hyperopia1.42 (1.01–1.98)1.82 (1.34–2.48)
Lens opacities or previous cataract surgery1.78 (1.28–2.46)1.80 (1.24–2.59)1.78 (1.23–2.59)1.44 (1.09–1.89)
  • OR all have 95% CI.

  • Reference group for polychotomous variable.