Table 1

Summary of individual patient data

Patient 1Patient 2Patient 3Patient 4
Age (years)73716969
Preoperative visual acuity6/186/18HMCF
Axial length (mm)25.5233.4322.0023.25
Peribulbar anaesthetic details:
 Administered byAnaesthetistAnaesthetistOphthalmologistAnaesthetist
 Number of injections2242
 Needle typeSharpSharpSharpSharp
Interval to diagnosis (days)12ImmediateImmediate
Clinical indicator(s) of inadvertent injury:
 Decreased visual acuityYYYY
 Vitreous haemorrhageYYYY
 Subretinal haemorrhageYNYY
 Choroidal haemorrhageYNYY
 OtherNRetinal detachmentNRetinal detachment, haemorrhagic chemosis
Interval to repair (days)442108
Operative findings:
 Vitreous haemorrhageYYYY
 Choroidal haemorrhageYNYY
 Optic atrophyNYNY
 Retinal detachmentNY (macula off)YY (macula off)
 OtherSubretinal needle track, retinotomies ×2Retinal break inferotemporal to maculaSuperonasal retinal tearScleral lacerations ×2
Surgical procedureDrainage of choroidal haemorrhage, TPPV, SF6 TPPV, argon endolaser to tear, silicone oilPhaco and IOL, drainage of choroidal haemorrhage, TPPV, cryotherapy to tear, SF6 Drainage of choroidal haemorrhage, repair of scleral lacerations, TPPV, silicone oil. Phaco and IOL at weeks
 Follow up (weeks)4062915
 Visual acuity6/9HM6/36HM
 Retina attached?YY (optic atrophy)Y (epiretinal membrane)N
  • TPPV = trans pars plana vitrectomy; SF6 = sulphur hexafluoride gas; Phaco and IOL = phacoemulsification cataract extraction with insertion of intraocular lens.