Table 1

Predominant analytical approach employed in 79 clinical science papers published in the BJO Jan–June 1995

Predominant mode of analytical approachNumber of articles(%)
Analysis at level of individual because of nature of observation
 Uniocular disease or therapy9(11)
 Disease entity requires both eyes for diagnosis3(4)
One eye per individual included in analysis
 Random selection of eye for inclusion5(6)
 Right/left selection of eye for inclusion7(9)
 “Clinical selection” criteria—worse eye, first eye with disease, etc13 (16)
Overall summary of ocular findings per individual
 “Pooled” findings13(16)
 Average taken of results in the two fellow eyes6(8)
Analysis at ocular level
 No correction for correlation between eyes16(20)
 Correction for correlation between eyes2(3)
Paired comparison (fellow eye used as “control”)5(6)