Table 2

Contact lens solutions tested

Solution trade nameManufacturerActive ingredient(s) Preservative(s)Type(s) of lens
Bausch & Lomb Multi-Purpose Solution Bausch & LombPolyaminopropyl biguanide (Dymed) (0.0005);0.11% (wt/vol) Disodium edetateSoft
sodium borate (1.20);
sodium chloride (4.9);
poloxamine 1107 (10.00);
boric acid (6.40)
Complete AllerganPolyhexamethylene biguanide (0.001)Soft
Duracare Allergan0.004% Polyvinyl alcohol0.004% Benzalkonium chloride;Gas permeable
0.004% Sodium edetate
Hydrocare Cleaning/Soaking Solution AllerganAlkyl triethanol ammonium chloride (0.3)0.002% ThiomersalSoft
Optifree Alcon0.001% m/v Polyquad (polyquaternium-1);Soft
0.05% (wt/vol) sodium edetate
Optisoak Alcon0.75 g polyvinyl alcohol;
0.005 g polysorbate 80;
0.65 g hydroxyethyl cellulose
(all per 100 ml)
+ sodium chloride
+ sodium phosphates
Polyquad, ie polyquaternium-1 0.005% (wt/vol);
edetate sodium 0.1% (wt/vol)
Gas permeable and hard
Oxysept 1 AllerganHydrogen peroxide (31.0)Soft
Oxysept 1 Step Allergan3% Hydrogen peroxideSoft
Total AllerganPolyvinyl alcohol (25.0)0.004% benzalkonium chlorideGas permeable and hard
Transoak Chauvin Pharmaceuticals Ltd0.01% (wt/vol) benzalkonium chloride0.2% (wt/vol) disodium edetateGas permeable and hard
Transol Wetting Solution Chauvin Pharmaceuticals Ltd1 g polyvinyl alcohol/50 ml0.004% benzalkonium chloride;Gas permeable and hard
0.02% (wt/vol)disodium edetate
  • All data in parentheses are in mg/ml.

  • Minimum stated soaking period for solution is 4 hours.

  • Minimum stated soaking period for solution is overnight (one manufacturer states that this is approximately 6–8 hours).

  • Minimum stated soaking period for solution is 20 minutes.

  • Minimum stated soaking period for solution is 2 hours.

  • Minimum soaking period not stated.

  • Minimum soaking period is not stated as this is a wetting solution, not intended for soaking lenses.It was included as its constituents are similar to those of other soaking solutions tested, but it is manufactured by a different company.