Table 4

Results of a series of stepwise regression analysis looking at DLTV score as a function of distance visual acuity (using two measures—distance VA in the better eye and difference in VA between eyes) and the disorder (cataract, AMD, or neither)

ItemR2SEConstantRegression coefficients
Acuity in better eyeAcuity differenceAMD presentCataract present
Distinguish faces across a room0.4500.714.05−1.43−0.50
Seeing objects off to the side0.0680.593.95−0.40−0.22
Watching TV0.3780.624.10−1.30−0.39
Seeing and using steps0.3180.604.07−0.87−0.56
Enjoying scenery0.4030.594.25−1.34−0.28
Reading road signs0.5870.684.13−1.95−0.37−0.38
Distinguishing faces across the street0.6000.734.12−1.79−0.50−0.75
Recognising seasonal changes0.3810.504.23−1.10−0.22
Distinguishing faces at arm’s length0.3030.554.15−0.72−0.37
Pouring oneself a drink0.4190.464.05−0.43−0.65
Cutting food on a plate0.1760.524.01−0.40−0.33
Cutting finger nails0.4380.694.06−1.41−0.40
Using kitchen appliances0.3200.564.01−0.44−0.63
Adjusting to darkness0.1930.723.77−1.01−0.32
Adjusting to light0.2270.693.82−0.64−0.43−0.36
Confidence in immediate neighbourhood0.1910.704.11−0.61−0.54
Confidence outside neighbourhood0.3100.934.02−1.58−0.71
Read normal sized newsprint0.6620.714.24−1.88−0.42−0.96
Read newspaper headlines0.4620.614.33−1.56−0.29
Read correspondence0.6330.714.37−1.88−0.46−0.77
Signing documents0.5370.654.20−1.56−0.64
Identifying money0.5500.584.26−1.42−0.23−0.47
Self rating of overall distance vision0.4040.763.32−1.70−0.55
Self rating of overall near vision0.3530.743.06−1.46−0.39
  • R 2 = coefficient of determination; SE = standard error of the prediction.