Table 1

Summary of clinical data of seven corneal tattoos

Cornea NoSexAge at tattoo (years)Age at surgery (years)Country/ originDiagnosisSurgery
1M2948 Irantwig injury at age of 10 yearstriple
2F1623 Moroccostick injury at age of 4 yearsPK
3F2051 Asian part of USSRKeratitis in childhoodPK
4* M?75unknownperforating corneal injuryenucl
5F3575 unknown twig injury at age of 25 yearsenucl
6F2779 Asian part of USSRcat’s claw injury at 7 monthsenucl
7F6 and 18 79Asian part of USSRpost vaccination keratitis at 5 yearsPK
  • PK= penetrating keratoplasty; triple = simultaneous PK, extracapsular cataract extraction with posterior chamber intraocular lens implantation; enucl= enucleation. *Patient dead.