Table 1

The diagnostic groups of glaucomatous eyes which had cyclodiode

POAGAphakicPseudo phakicUveitisCornea/ PKRubeoticSilicone oilTraumaCCAGAll eyes
No of patients1011597645158
Percentage of total17.3198.615.512.
Mean IOP pretreatment29.928.
SD of IOP pretreatment6.
Mean IOP last index visit20.017.812.818.816.012.311.
SD of IOP last index visit10.
Percentage IOP reduction33.136.751.139.763.665.664.156.71648.8
Mean No treatment sessions1.
Mean follow up (months)20.321.
  • POAG = primary open angle glaucoma, CCAG = chronic closed angle glaucoma, IOP = intraocular pressure, SD = standard deviation.