Table 3

The 12 patients with visual acuity (VA) of at least 6/60 whose acuity fell more than one Snellen line on follow up

Pre-treatment VAVA at last index visitDiagnosisCause of visual loss
6/56/9PseudophakiaMild ARMD
6/96/18Uveitis (sympathetic)Corneal oedema
6/96/36AphakiaCystoid macular oedema
6/92/60POAGGlaucoma progression
6/92/60POAG (in diabetic patient)Ischaemic maculopathy (diabetic)
6/181/60Cornea (penetrating keratoplasty)Corneal oedema
6/181/60Rubeotic (diabetic)Ischaemic maculopathy (diabetic)
6/246/60PseudophakiaGlaucoma progression
6/246/60Pseudophakia (in diabetic patient)Maculopathy (diabetic)
6/36CFPseudophakia (in diabetic patient)Diabetic traction detachment
6/36PLCorneaMicrobial keratitis
  • POAG = primary open angle glaucoma, ARMD = age related macular degeneration.