Table 2

Clinical features of all 43 patients

Patient NoSexRaceAge at presentationTumour size (mm)Tumour positionTime: first sympt/ diagn (months)Time: diagn/ therapy (months)First therapyComplicationsTime: therapy/ recurrence (months)Therapy of recurrenceFollow up (months)Death
1FW645–10 (small)L, upper lid301Excision (wide)?2
2FW555–10 (small)L, lower lid, conj/cornea211Excision (wide)82
3MW635–10 (small)L, lower lid92Excision (wide)87
4 FW375–10 (small)L, upper lid121Excision (wide)74
5MW795–10 (small)R, upper lid292Excision with Mohs’ technique2
6FW625–10 (small)R, upper lid500Excision (wide)113
7MW625–10 (small)L, lower lid11Excision with frozen section17
8 FW445–10 (small)L, lower lid180Excision (wide)Tumour recurrence local, metastases18Excision (local), neck dissection87
9 MW775–10 (small)L, upper lid62Excision (wide)Tumour recurrence local2Excision (local)135
10 MW735–10 (small)L, lower lid60?Radiotherapy?1
11MCh505–10 (small)L, upper lid21Excision with frozen section27
12 FW6810–20 (intermediate)R, upper lid121RadiotherapyTumour recurrence local48Excision (local)52
13MW6310–20 (intermediate)R, lower lid, conj/cornea90Excision (wide)40 §
14FW6610–20 (intermediate)R, upper lid, conj/cornea480Excision with frozen sectionTumour recurrence local48Exenteration148
15MW6710–20 (intermediate)L, upper lid10Excision (wide)29
16FW6410–20 (intermediate)L, lower lid60Excision (wide)Tumour recurrence local6Excision (local)45
17MW4710–20 (intermediate)L, lower lid60Excision with frozen section18
18MW7110–20 (intermediate)R, upper lid480Excision with frozen section50
19FW6310–20 (intermediate)R, lower lid, conj/cornea141RadiotherapyTumour recurrence local6103
20MW6510–20 (intermediate)L, upper lid11Excision with frozen section38 §
21MW6110–20 (intermediate)L, upper lid, conj/cornea100Excision (wide)134
22MI6610–20 (intermediate)L, upper lid121Excision (wide)62
23MI7810–20 (intermediate)R, lower lid1800Excision (wide)52
24FW3810–20 (intermediate)L, upper lid122Excision (wide)91
25FW6720–30 (large)R, upper lid13Excision with frozen section32
26MW7520–30 (large)L, upper lid, conj/cornea61Excision (wide)Tumour recurrence local, metastases6Exenteration, radiotherapy17
27FW7120–30 (large)L, upper lid173Excision with frozen sectionMetastases12Neck dissection15
28MW6220–30 (large)L, upper lid, conj/cornea11Exenteration16
29* FW7720–30 (large)R, lower lid52Radiotherapy16
30MW5720–30 (large)L, upper lid91Excision with frozen section4
31FW76DiffuseR, upper lid, lower lid, conj/cornea, diffuse192a2
32FW60DiffuseR, upper lid, conj/cornea142Exenteration76
33FW53DiffuseL, upper lid71Excision (wide)Metastases10Neck dissection, radiotherapy15
34* FW66DiffuseR, upper lid, lower lid, orbit11Exenteration4
35FW52DiffuseL, upper lid, conj/cornea146Exenteration2
36MW68DiffuseR, upper lid, conj/cornea181Exenteration27 §
37FW78DiffuseL, upper lid301Excision (wide)Tumour recurrence local12Radiotherapy24
38FW47DiffuseL, upper lid, lower lid, conj/cornea, orbit600Excision (wide)70
39FW67DiffuseR, upper lid, conj/cornea12ExenterationTumour recurrence local, metastases15Neck dissection132
40FW59DiffuseR, upper lid, conj/cornea722Exenteration123
41 MW58?L, lower lid51Radiotherapy2
42?MW62?L, lower lid?2Exenteration?82 §
43FW53?L, lower lid360Excision (wide)Tumour recurrence local, metastases16Excision (local), neck dissection60
  • W = white; Ch = Chinese; I = Indian; ? = unknown; a = patient died before first therapy; *lymph nodes at first presentation;correct diagnosis at presentation; death, tumour related; §death, other causes.