Table 3

Clinical data of three patients with ocular borreliosis

Patient noAge (years)SexOcular symptomsOther symptomsElisa
HAT (1:n)Immunoblot IgM/IgGLymphocyte proliferation assayPCR in urineTreatmentOutcome (visual acuity)
113Fbilateral intermediate uveitis, right retinal detachmentarthritis right knee+/+5120+/+++systemic/topical steroidsR 0.25
tetracyclines, ceftriaxoneL 0.8
bilateral vitrectomy
214Mbilateral superior keratitis with neovascularisationarthritis right knee−/+20.480−/++topical steroidsrecovery with corneal scars
penicillin G, ceftriaxone
3 6Fbilateral anterior uveitisarthritis right knee and right elbow−/+10.240−/++topical steroidsrecovery
ceftriaxoneR 1.0
L 1.0