Table 1

Summary of cases

PatientAge/sexHAARTDuration of HAART (months)Baseline CD4+ (cell ×106/l)CD4+ at CMO diagnosisAnterior chamber inflammation: LCFM (ph/ms)Ophthalmological findingsAnti-CMV therapy
142/MstavudineR: 22.6IR RIV then oral GCV
lamivudine125180L: 5.1CMO
indinavirVitritis +
229/MstavudineR: 82.0IR both eyesOral GCV
lamivudine184109L: 55.3CMO both eyes
ritonavirVitritis ++ both eyes
343/MstavudineR: 39.0IR both eyesIV GCV
lamivudine183146L: 21.2CMO both eyes
saquinavirVitritis ++ both eyes
432/FstavudineR: 3.0IR LIVT GCV
lamivudine9999L: 20.1CMO L
indinavirVitritis ++ L
530/MZidovudineNDIR both eyesOral GCV
zalcitabine123639CMO both eyes
634/MstavudineR: 5.3IR LIVT GCV
lamivudine174280L: 28.3CMO L
indinavirVitritis ++
748/MstavudineR: 38.0IR both eyesIV GCV
lamivudine1220100L: 29.5CMO both eyes
saquinavirVitritis ++ both eyes
839/MstavudineNDIR both eyesIV GCV
lamivudine165175CMO both eyes
indinavirVitritis ++ both eyes
953/MstavudineR: 3.6IR LNONE
lamivudine181144L: 18.5CMO L
indinavirVitritis + L
  • HAART = highly active antiretroviral therapy; IR = inactive retinitis; ND = not determined; CMO = cystoid macular oedema; IV = intravenous; IVT = intravitreal; GCV = ganciclovir; LCFM = laser cell flare meter; ph/ms = photons per millisecond.