Table 4

Causes of visual acuity less than 6/60 in 167 eyes of 3908 operated eyes seen at 6 week follow up

Cause of poor acuityICCEECCETotal
Pre-existing pathologies:
Optic atrophy170.960.3230.6
 Old corneal opacity211.170.3280.7
 Glaucomatous optic atrophy70.460.3130.3
 Other anterior segment pathology150.840.2190.5
 Other posterior segment pathology170.9160.8330.8
Complications related to surgery:
Corneal decompensation100.5100.5200.5
 Residual lens matter/PCO00100.5100.3
 Secondary glaucoma90.50090.2
 Cystoid macular oedema30.20030.08
 Retinal detachment20.110.0530.08
 Phthisis bulbi10.0510.0520.05
Other causes unrelated to surgery20.10020.05