Table 4

General practitioners (GPs) compared with health visitors (HV) for rapidity of referral of 62 patients with retinoblastoma presenting with leucocoria and squint

First symptomFirst PHP consulted
Leucocorian=27 patientsn=10 patientsn=37 patients
median lag 2=1 weekmedian lag 2=14 weeksmedian lag 2=2 weeks
range 1–48range 1–46range 1–48
Squintn=15 patientsn=10 patientsn=25 patients
median lag 2=3 weeksmedian lag 2=10.5 weeksmedian lag 2=7 weeks
range 1–80range 2–26range 1–80
Totaln=42 patientsn=20 patientsn=62 patients
median lag 2=1 weekmedian lag 2=13 weeks
range 1–80range 1–46
  • Lag 2, time interval between first consultation with a primary healthcare professional (PHP) and first consultation with a local ophthalmologist.