Table 4

Cumulative complication rates in the currently used GDDs

ComplicationsAhmed valve
Coleman 199526 Coleman 199743Coleman 199744
Krupin valve with disc
Krupin Study Group 199445
Fellenbaum 199424
Baerveldt implant
Lloyd 199448
Sidoti 199547
Smith 199351
Siegner 199546
Molteno implant
Mills 199639
Minckler 198842
Lloyd 199252
Heuer 199241
Hypotony/flat anterior chamber3.5%27%16.5%5%
Choroidal effusion/haemorrhage14%33%23%7%
Suprachoroidal haemorrhage3.5%1.3%0.8%0.5%
Vitreous haemorrhage3.5%1.3%7%2%
Malignant glaucoma0.9%2.7%2%0.5%
Motility problem3.5%4%21%0.3%
CataractN/AN/A9.9% 12%
Tube blocked7.8%11%106%
Tube retraction5.2%2.7%2.4%0.8%
Tube/plate extrusion4.3%N/A1.20.5%
Tube/plate erosion02.7%23%
Corneal touch2.6%N/A4%3%
Corneal decompensation3.5%5.3%11.6%14%
Retinal detachment005%3.5%
Encepsulated bleb3.5%1.3%1.6%N/A
Others1.7% Wound leak1.3% Wound leak1.6% Wound leak0.3% Epiretinal membrane
1.3% Endophthalmitis0.4% Endophthalmitis0.3% Perforation
1.3% Decompression retinopathy
  • Cataract developed in 11 out of 91 phakic patients. Mean follow up more than 40 months.

  • Cataract developed in 7 out of 69 phakic patients. Mean follow up 14.4 months.