Table 1

Effect of HAART on occurrence of CMV events and survival in HIV positive patients at high risk for developing CMV disease

Before HAART (n=29)Time to event or death (months) After HAART (n=22)
PCR+ (n=16)PCR− (n=13)PCR+ (n=10)PCR− (n=12)
CMV events (n)40.5, 2, 2, 3
Death (n)311, 2, 2, 4
Living, without anti-CMV maintenance therapy (n)1012711
Mean follow up (months)5.0 14.9
  • HAART = highly active antiretroviral therapy; PCR = polymerase chain reaction; + = positive result, − = negative result;

  • time between start of study and occurrence of event/death;

  • mean follow up between start of study and start of HAART;

  • mean follow up following start of HAART.