Table 1

Medical and ocular data in patients with immune recovery vitritis treated with orbital floor steroids

VariablePatient 1Patient 2Patient 3Patient 4Patient 5Patient 6Patient 7
Date of diagnosis HIVJul 94Jan 94Feb 96Jan 90Jun 90Jan 96Sep 97
CMV retinitis:
 onsetApr 96Feb 96Jul 96Feb 95Jun 95Mar 96Dec 97
 location (zone)RE 3, LE 1 and 3RE 2 and 3, LE 3LE 1, 2, and 3RE 1, 2, and 3, LE 2 and 3RE 2 and 3, LE 2 and 3RE 1, 2, and 3, LE 1, 2, and 3RE 1, 2, and 3, LE 1, 2, and 3
 treatmentIV foscarnet +IV foscarnet, IV ganciclovir,IV then PO ganciclovir,IV ganciclovir,IV ganciclovir,IV + IVit ganciclovir BE,
IVit ganciclovir LE,IV cidofovirPO+ IVit ganciclovir LEIV+ IVit ganciclovir LE,PO ganciclovir+IV foscarnet,PO + IVit ganciclovir BE,
IV cidofovir,IVit foscarnet LE,ganciclovir implant REIVit ganciclovir RE,IVit foscarnet BE,
PO ganciclovirganciclovir implant LEIV cidofovirIVit ganciclovir LE
Protease inhibitorsaquinavir, indinavir indinavir indinavir indinavir indinavirindinavir indinavir
start dateMar 96Oct 96Nov 96Aug 96Apr 96Apr 96Sep 97
CD4 count
 at onset vitritis11197771321264074
 rise at onset vitritis10794641281203063
anterior chamber
 cellsBE+RE++, LE+BE +RE 0, LE+RE+, LE 0BE 0BE ++
 onset Jun 96Mar 97Dec 96Jan 97Jun 96Jun 97Dec 97
 interval from starting PI3 months5 months1 month5 months2 months2 months3 months
 laterality and severityBE ++BELE +RE silicone oil, LE ++RE ++, LE +BE ++BE ++
macular changesBE CMORE CMOnilnilnilnilLE CMO
 orbital floor steroid injections × number methylpred ×1 BE
triamcinolone ×1 BE
methylpred RE ×3methylpred LE ×1methylpred LE ×2methylpred RE ×2methylpred RE ××1
methylpred LE ×3
triamcinolone LE ×1
Snellen acuity
 before IRVBE 6/5RE 6/6LE 6/6LE 6/ 5BE 6/5BE 6/5LE 6/18
 worst during IRVRE 6/18, LE 6/9RE 6/36LE 6/9LE 6/9RE 6/24, L 6/6RE 6/18, L6/12LE 6/24
 after treatment for IRVBE 6/5RE 6/18LE 6/9LE 6/6BE 6/6BE 6/9LE 6/18
 duration worst acuityBE 3 wk5 wkindefinite 2 wk6 wkR 2 mo, L 1 wk1 mo
  • LE=left eye, RE=right eye, BE=both eyes, IV=intravenous, PO=oral, IVit=intravitreal injection, M=male, mo=month, wk=week, methylpred=methylprednisolone acetate, CMV=cytomegalovirus, IRV=immune recovery vitritis, CMO=cystoid macular oedema, PI=protease inhibitor, CD4 count=CD4 T lymphocyte count (cells/μl).