Table 1

Comparison of selected subtypes in three classifications (modified from Harris et al6)

REAL classification6Working formulation3Updated Kiel classification2
Extranodal marginal zone B cell lymphoma (low grade B cell lymphoma of MALT type) Small lymphocytic No equivalent
Diffuse, small cleaved cell
Diffuse, mixed small and large cell
Lymphoplasmacytoid lymphomaSmall lymphocytic plasmacytoidLymphoplasmacytic immunocytoma
Diffuse, mixed small and large cell
Follicular centre lymphoma, diffuse, small cellDiffuse, small cleaved cell Centroblastic-centrocytic, diffuse
Follicular centre lymphoma, follicular Follicular, predominantly small, large, or mixed cells Centroblastic-centrocytic, follicular
Follicular, mixed small and large cells
Follicular, predominantly large cell
Diffuse large B cell lymphoma Diffuse, large cell Centroblastic or B immunoblastic
Large cell immunoblastic
Diffuse, mixed small and large cell
Mantle cell lymphoma Diffuse, small cleaved cell Centrocytic
Small lymphocyticCentroblastic, centrocytoid subtype
Follicular, small cleaved cell,
Diffuse, mixed small and large cell
Diffuse, large cleaved cell
Peripheral T cell lymphomas, unspecifiedDiffuse, mixed small and large cellPleomorphic, medium sized and large T cell
  • When REAL category is equivalent to more than one working formulation or updated Kiel category, italicised category comprises the majority of cases.