Table 2

Summary of cases

CasePatient age (years)Histological type (REAL)Site of lesionPresenting complaintSymptoms duration (months)Initial treatmentFollow up (years)Patient outcome
Group 1: Primary ocular adnexal MALT lymphoma
135 MALT lymphomaRight orbitDiplopia, proptosis1 Local excision,8Alive and well
Radiotherapy (25 Gy)
265MALT lymphomaLeft orbitDiplopia, pain, proptosis3 Local excision,5 Alive and well
Radiotherapy (28 Gy)
371 MALT lymphomaLeft orbitProptosis, soft tissue swelling9 Local excision,3 Alive and well
Radiotherapy (45 Gy)
450 MALT lymphomaRight orbitSoft tissue swelling1Local excision2 Alive and well
545 MALT lymphomaRight orbitDiplopia, proptosis4 Local excision2 Alive and well
648 MALT lymphomaLeft lower lidPalpable massUnknownLocal excision6Alive and well
(Treated recurrence, 2 years)
772 MALT lymphomaRight upper lidPalpable mass12Local excision5 Deceased secondary other cause
854 MALT lymphomaRight conjunctivaPain, ptosis18 Local excision,4Alive and well
Radiotherapy (27 Gy)(Treated recurrence, 18 months)
973 MALT lymphomaLeft conjunctivaPalpable massUnknownLocal excision,1Alive and well
Radiotherapy (30 Gy)
1048MALT lymphomaRight conjunctivaIncidental findingUnknownLocal excision,1 Alive and well
Radiotherapy (30 Gy)
Group 2: Primary ocular adnexal lymphoma of other type
1162Diffuse, large B cellLeft orbitDiplopia, soft tissue swellingUnknownChemotherapy (CHOP)7 Alive and well
1275 Diffuse, large B cellRight orbitProptosisUnknownRadiotherapy (30 Gy),
Chemotherapy (CHOP)
3Deceased secondary lymphoma
1361 Follicular centre lymphoma, follicularRight orbitDiplopia, proptosis2Radiotherapy (30 Gy)0.5 Alive and well
1459Peripheral T cell lymphoma—unspecifiedRight medial canthusPalpable mass9 Radiotherapy (28 Gy),7Alive and well
Chemotherapy (CHOP)
Group 3: Secondary ocular adnexal lymphoma
1572 Diffuse, large B cellLeft orbitProptosis, ptosis3 Radiotherapy (25 Gy)1 Deceased secondary lymphoma
1672 Diffuse, large B cellLeft orbitProptosis, soft tissue swelling2Radiotherapy (30 Gy),
Chemotherapy (CHOP)
1 Deceased secondary lymphoma
1778 Diffuse, large B cellLeft orbitPain, proptosis2 Chemotherapy (CHOP)1 Alive and well
1878 Diffuse, large B cellRight orbitProptosis3 Radiotherapy (25 Gy)0.5 Deceased secondary lymphoma
1982 Follicular centre lymphoma, follicularLeft lower lidPalpable mass6 Local excision0.5 Deceased secondary lymphoma
2057 Mantle cell (B cell)Right conjunctivaPain3 Chemotherapy (CHOP, DHAP, cisplatin and fludarabine)0.5 Deceased secondary lymphoma