Table 6

Clinical characteristics of diabetic patients with and without progression of retinopathy after phacoemulsification during 1 year follow up study

No progressionProgressionDifferences between groups
No of eyes (%)41 (79%)11 (21%)
Age (years) 73 (53–86)75 (49–83)
Type 1/type 25/361/10
Insulin treatment298
Duration of diabetes (years) 19 (5–55)14 (8–31)
Final visual acuity 0.8 (0.1–1.0)0.65 (0.1–1.0)
CSMO at baseline125
Postop CSMO, new cases2p<0.05*
Angiographic CMO at baseline62
Indication for laser treatment at baseline2110p<0.05*
  • CSMO = clinically significant macular oedema; CMO = cystoid macular oedema; baseline = 1 week after surgery.

  • Values are given as median (range); *significant difference between groups (Fisher exact test, p<0.05).