Table 4

Relation of sICAM-1 levels and IL-8 levels to the presence of systemic disease at the end of the study in patients with intermediate uveitis

sICAM-1 ↑ IL-8 ↑ (21)sICAM-1 ↑ IL-8 n (13)sICAM-1 n IL-8 ↑ (8)sICAM-1 n IL-8 n (19)
Multiple sclerosis22
Multiple sclerosis suspect21
Sarcoidosis suspect41
  • n = normal levels; ↑ = elevated levels.

  • An established or suspected systemic disease was significantly more found in the 21 patients with elevated sICAM-1 and IL-8 compared with the other 40 intermediate uveitis patients (p<0.01, χ2test).