Table 1

Ophthalmic findings in patients with myotonic dystrophy

PatientsAge/ duration/ sexVisus pre/post operationLens opacityRetinal changesERGCorneal
Lens CD
(cells/ mm2)
Myotonia/ heart abnormality
1 H-II-259/16/MLS/0.6MCIO+OPsA36763802+/+
2 T-II-458/21/F0.3/0.9MCIO+OPsA28652506+/+
3 O-III-133/2/M0.06/1.0PSCOOPsA36201326+/+
  • Age/duration/sex indicate the age and sex of the patients and duration of the disease; visus pre/post operation: best corrected visual acuity before and after operation; ERG=electroretinogram; corneal CD= corneal endothelial cell density; lens CD= lens epithelial cell density; myotonia and heart abnormality= patients who showed muscle weakness or myotonia in any other place in the body or who had heart abnormalities detected by electrocardiogram or cardioechography;

  • LS:=light sensitivity; HM= hand movements; MCIO:=multicoloured iridescent opacity; PSCO= posterior subcapsular opacity; OPsA=attenuated oscillatory potentials; the lens CD in patients with MD (average 2274 cells/mm2) was statistically significant, compared with controls with senile cataracts (average 4627 cells/mm2) (p=0.004).