Table 2

Patients with Graves’ orbitopathy and diabetes mellitus (n=10)

Patient (age in years)SexDiabetes mellitusRetinopathyTherapy for GOComplications/comment
6 (38)FIDDMtwo wall orbital decompression right eye
7 (49)FNIDDMRecession IRM right eye three wall coronal decompressionpostoperative orbital haemorrhage on the left side, resulting in a blind eye
8 (17)MIDDMRecession IRM right eye
9 (68)FIDDMpreproliferative retinopathy for which panretinal photocoagulation was performedUpper and lower eyelid surgery
10 (48)FIDDMbackground retinopathyUpper and lower eyelid surgery
11 (55)FNIDDMUpper eyelid surgery
12 (64)FNIDDMAge related macular degenerationTrabeculectomy both eyes because of POAG
13 (49)FNIDDM
14 (66)FNIDDM
15 (63)FIDDM
  • GO=Graves’ orbitopathy; IRM=inferior rectus muscle; POAG=primary open angle glaucoma.