Table 5

Patient data from Hård et al12

CaseEyeVisual acuity at 4 yearsCycloplegic refraction at 4 yearsVisual acuity at 5 yearsCycloplegic refraction at 5 yearsTreatment at
5 years
Final visual acuity
1RE0.65+4.500.8+4.00glasses0.9 cc
LE0.65+4.75–0.75×900.65+4.50–0.50×900.8 cc
2RE0.65+3.500.65+4.50–0.50×0glasses0.9 cc
LE0.65+3.25–0.50×1450.65+3.75–0.25×00.9 cc
3RE0.8+2.25–0.50×00.7 +2.50patch LE0.9 sc
LE0.65+2.000.9 +2.00–0.50×900.9 sc
4RE0.65+1.500.8+2.00–0.50×100patch RE1.0 sc
LE0.65+1.50–0.75×900.65+2.25–1.0×900.9sc, 1.0 cc
  • Tested with linear E; cc = with correction, sc= without correction.