Table 1

Absolute cell numbers (×104)/animal (two retinas)

Cell populations/days post immunisationControlsTolerised
CD4+αβTCR+ 1.62109 (130)1.4469.7 (58.3)
CD8+αβTCR+ 1.1742 (47.1)1.8628.7 (16.8)
ED7+CD4+ 24.367.1 (54.8)12.324.6 (37.3)
ED7+MHC class II+ nd109.8nd98.4
OX22+CD4+ nd51nd41
  • Figures are a representative experiment and calculated from the mean recovery from two animals in each group (four retinas). (Cell numbers for a second experiment in parenthesis.)

  • Cells were backgated from CD45(OX1)+ positive cells (see Methods) and only ED7high cells were included in analysis of macrophage infiltrate thereby excluding resident microglia (ED7low expressing; see Dick et al 22) which did not change in number between groups in any of the experiments.

  • See Figure 3 and legend.

  • Athough MHC class II expression was increased on majority of CD45(OX1)+ cells greater than negative control, increased numbers of ED7+ cells expressed MHC class II in control retinas (see Fig 3).