Table 1

Cell surface antigens against which monoclonal antibodies have been used in this study, and their specificity

CK-MNFPancytokeratin, epithelial tissue
Collagen type IVBasal membranes
VimentinIntermediate filament, solely expressed by cells of mesenchymal origin and used as a marker for such
CD 3Cell surface antigen on all T cells
CD 4Cell surface antigen expressed on T helper cells and thymocytes; important for stabilisation of the T cell receptor-MHC II interaction
CD 8Cell surface antigen expressed by cytotoxic T cells, intraepithelial lymphocytes, thymocytes, and some dendritic cells
CD 15Marker for cell activation predominantly expressed by granulocytes and, to some extent, by macrophages
CD 20Cell surface antigen found on nearly all B cells except pre-B cells and plasma cells. Represents a transmembraneous ion channel protein and plays an important role in the activation and proliferation processes of the maturing B cell
CD 68Cell surface antigen found on macrophages and monocytes
CD 79aCell surface antigen expressed early in the ontogenesis of B cells, persistent in plasma cells, but not co-expressed with CD20+