Table 4

Summary of study populations

StudySettingSample sizeDiagnostic criteria for glaucoma
Daubs and Crick5 Existing glaucoma patients and referrals to King's College Hospital, London566 glaucoma patients 273 non-glaucomaGlaucomatous visual field loss using modification of Friedmann VFA (“the character of the loss was appropriate when taken in conjunction with the fundus and optic disc appearances”)
Tielsch et al 6 Population based survey in Baltimore, Maryland5308 subjects screened (196 cases with glaucoma)Glaucomatous optic nerve head damage based upon visual fields (Humphrey and Goldmann), optic disc and nerve fibre layer findings
Harper and Reeves7 Glaucoma cases identified from referrals to the HES. Normals recruited by systematic sampling from list of a general practice67 glaucoma patients 145 non-glaucomaGlaucomatous visual field loss on a 132 point static suprathreshold field test (Henson CFS 2000, field score >25 and “the distribution of missed stimuli consistent with glaucomatous defects”)
  • Patients included in King's College study all had “open angle glaucoma”. The Baltimore evaluation reported on “any type” of glaucoma (although 161 of the 196 cases had POAG) and the Oxford Study included cases of POAG alone. All studies excluded IOP as a diagnostic criterion for glaucoma.

  • Noted in separate publication.10