Table 3

Univariate modelling of pupil size for right and left eyes

Eye Model χ2 p Value df AIC
RightACE and age5.2070.6357−8.793
ACE no age22.694 0.00486.694
ADE and age5.1660.6407−8.834
AE and age5.2070.7358−10.793
CE and age80.2610864.261
LeftACE and age4.7510.6907−9.249
ACE no age17.7730.02381.773
ADE and age4.5220.7187−9.478
AE and age4.7510.7848−11.249
CE and age86.9680870.968
  • χ2 = χ2 goodness of fit statistic; df = degrees of freedom, p = probability; AIC = Akaike's information criterion. See text for further abbreviations.