Table 1

Clinical course of patients with immuno-inflammatory ocular disease treated with Campath-1H (C1H) monoclonal antibody

Age (years) Diagnosis C1H indication Previous therapy C1H dose (mg) Current clinical status Current daily therapy Follow up (months)
1 70Rheumatoid sclerokeratitis: left recurrent corneal graft rejectionRefractory to treatmentPred, Aza, CsA60Clear graft for 24 months, then proteus keratitis resulting in enucleation of left eyePred (7.5 mg)
CsA (2.5 mg/kg)
Melt right eye, controlled with CsA
239Diabetic proliferative retinopathy: recurrent corneal graft rejection and secondary glaucomaRefractory to treatment
Pred, Aza, CsA120Clear graftPred (8 mg)
No antiglaucoma medication
368Wegener's granulomatosis: scleritis/PUK/perforated globeRefractory to treatmentPulsed IV methylpred, cyclo60Resolution of PUK, and ENT symptomsPred (10 mg)8
461Wegener's granulomatosis: orbital pseudotumourRefractory to treatmentPred, Cyclo, Aza, cycloph, Dxt60 (5/97)Initially improved
Relapse requiring 2nd course, followed by improved orbital disease and resolution of pseudotumour on CT scan
Pred (5 mg alternate days)12 (from 2nd course)
150 (4/98)
5 46Non-infectious retinal vasculitisToxicity
Refractory to treatment
Pred, Aza, CsA, IvIg60ImprovedPred (15 mg) at time of death15 (died, mycocardial infarction)
658Non-infectious retinal vasculitisToxicityPred, Aza, CsA60Improved (relapse of anterior uveitis only)Pred (5 mg)22
Refractory to treatmentFK 506 (0.05 mg/kg)
738Non-infectious retinal vasculitisRefractory to treatmentPred, MM, CsA60ImprovementPred (15 mg)5
ToxicityRelapse anterior uveitis only
857Sympathetic ophthalmiaRefractory to treatmentPred, CsA60No further deteriorationPred (10 mg)5
Toxicity (CyA)Blood pressure and renal function stabilised off CsA
951Behçet's diseaseRefractory to treatment
Pred, Aza, CsA50Improved retinal inflammation
Relapse anterior uveitis only
Stable CNS signs
1042Non-infectious retinal vasculitisRefractory to treatment, other eye enucleated from secondary rubeotic glaucoma 6 years previouslyPred, CsA, Aza60Improvement and resolution of rubeosisPred (7 mg)
CsA (200 mg)
  • Improvement was noted by one or more of resolution of orbital clinical signs; maintained clarity of corneal graft and no further rejection episodes; resolution of vasculitic peripheral corneal melting episodes; improved visual acuity; resolution of intraocular inflammation.

  • Previously published case reports. Now longer follow up.8 9

  • PUK = peripheral ulcerative keratitis; Pred = prednisolone; Aza = azathioprine; CsA = cyclosporin A; Cyclo = cyclophosphamide; Dxt = radiotherapy; IvIg = intravenous gammaglobulins; MM = mycophenolate mofetil.