Table 1

Clinical features of affected members of microphthalmia family

Patient NoAge (years)Visual acuityAxial length
(mm, R/L)
Corneal involvementIOP (R/L)
V:628PL15.9/20.8opaque, vascularised, anterior staphyloma34.5/41.5
V:433no PL14.7/8.0opaque, vascularised, left sclerocornea41.5/41.5
V:335no PLopaque, vascularised, anterior staphyloma41.5/41.5
V:139PL19.2/18.2opaque, vascularised, anterior staphyloma12.2/17.3
IV:840PL10.0/8.5complete sclerocornea right/left17.3/17.3
IV:541no PLopaque, vascularised41.5/17.3
IV:448PLopaque, vascularised17.3/10.2
  • PL = perception of light; IOP = intraocular pressure measured by Schiotz tonometry and converted to mm Hg.