Table 3

Significant univariate risk factors for pterygium

Risk factor Pterygium cases (n=142) Controls (n=4902) Test statistic p Value
Mean age (SD)64.3 (12.6)60.3 (13.0)3.7200.0003
Log lifetime ocular sun (SD)−0.08 (0.80)−0.50 (0.63)5.820.0001
Male (%)
Rural (%)68.327.7110.70.001
Smokers (%)14.717.532.80.001
Percentage who take vitamin E3.
Percentage who take vitamin C3.611.28.200.004
Percentage with cortical opacity >4/1622.313.110.00.002
Percentage with any PSC opacity12.45.710.80.001
Percentage with nuclear opacity >225.616.09.00.003
Percentage born in Australia83.864.621.60.001