Table 2

Detection of HSV-1, HSV-2, and VZV specific DNA fragments by PCR analysis on cornea derived DNA

Diagnosis at PKPNoHSV-1HSV-2VZV
(positive results)
IHSK, primary graft20805
Allograft failure with initial HSK diagnosis11211
IIAllograft failure with initial non-HSK diagnosis17801
Ulcers, non-specified 9301
Corneal dystrophies16001
Corneal trauma, including chemical burns 7001
IVEye bank corneas23100
  • Statistical analysis (χ2) showed significant differences in the amount of positive results (HSV-1 PCR) when group I was compared with IV, p=0.012 and group II was compared with III, p=0.003, and II compared with IV, p=0.003.

  • Three dual infections and two single VZV infections;

  • triple infection;

  • dual infections.