Table 1

The frequency of use of vision tests by eye

Number of surgeons who use a particular test of vision
Frequency of use
Vision test Never 0% 1–20% of cases 21–40% of cases 41–60% of cases 61–80% of cases 81–100% of cases Missing values
Monocular distance acuity: op-eye 000004721
Monocular distance acuity: fellow eye030114662
Binocular distance acuity901233740189867
Monocular near acuity: operated op-eye4010856534314330
Monocular near acuity: fellow eye4311450503714534
Binocular near acuity691345556308841
Monocular contrast sensitivity: operated op-eye4214510204
Monocular contrast sensitivity: fellow eye4253800109
Binocular contrast sensitivity42518000030
Glare disability in the op-eye4164161108
Glare disability in the fellow eye42329510015
Binocular glare disability41916311132
  • Frequencies expressed as the percentage of cases where the test is used. Op-eye = the eye being assessed for possible surgery.