Table 1

Summary of application techniques of intraoperative antimetabolites

Study MMC/ 5-FU Sponge Size Stated Sponge make specified Application duration Application technique notes
Cohen31 MMC2×5 mmCellulose2.5 minutesExcess liquid mopped up with second sponge
Lamping2 MMCNoWeck2.5 minutes
Smith32 5-FUNoCellulose5 minutes
Mora33 5-FUNoWeck or instrument wipe5 minutes
Madhavan25 MMCNoNo1-3 minutesConcentration varied 0.2–0.4 mg/ml
Dreyer34 MMCNoGelfoam, Gelatin5 minutes
Greenfield35 MMCSurgical spearWeck5 minutes
Campagna28 MMCNoWeck3.5 or 5 minutesTime depends on surgeon
Mietz18 MMC4×5×1 mmGeuder3-5 minutesMMC added to dry sponge after sponge placed on eye
Joos36 MMCNoAlcon, Cellulose5 minutes
Munden24 MMCNoCellulose3.5 or 5 minutes
Lederer26 MMC4×2×1 mmCellulose2–5 minutesSponge irrigated with saline during application
Kupin37 MMC2×3×7 mmWeck3 minutessize when wet
Lachkar38 5-FU4.5×4.5 mmNo5 minutes
Shin15 MMC2×3×7 mmCellulose1, 3, 5 minutesSize when wet. Comparison of application times
Costa39 MMC3×2 mmWeck-Cel3 minutes
Megevand11 MMC4.5×4.5 mmSurgical sponge2 or 5 mins
Chen17 MMCNoGelfoam5 minutesMore than one piece of sponge used. Pieces replaced every minute
Kitazawa16 MMCNoSpongel5 minutes0.2 or 0.02 mg/ml used
Kitazawa40 MMCNoSpongel5 minutes
Zacharia7 MMCNoWeck-cell or Mentor O & O3.5–7 minutesEither 15 or 250 ml of irrigation applied
Robin13 MMCNoCellulose4 minutesSponge replaced after 2 minutes