Table 1

Clinical characteristics of the case series

No Sex Age (years) Eye Indication
for LEC
LEC to repairing Site for LEC Harvested site Graft size
(DP×DV mm)
Follow up (months) Last IOP (mm Hg)
1F55RPOAG10 daysupperupper6×51214
2F64LPOAG4 yearsupperupper6×598
3M65RPOAG4 yearsupper nasalupper9×5915
LPOAG4 yearsupper temporalupper temporal9×7915
4M63Rsecondary4 yearsupper nasalupper temporal10×6917
Lsecondary4 yearsupper temporalupper temporal6×5616
  • LEC = trabeculectomy, POAG = primary open angle glaucoma, DP = diameter parallel to the limbus, DV = diameter vertical to the limbus, IOP = intraocular pressure.

  • β blocker treatment.